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Test Hunter books a driving test cancellation at the centre, day and time of your choice. Download now and get the early test booking!

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How do driving test cancellations work?

Test Hunter is a quick and easy way to get your driving test cancellation

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Step 1

Download the app
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Step 2

Set your date preferences
& turn on auto-book feature.

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Step 3

Sit back & get
test slots booked.

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Step 4

Pass your test &
enjoy your driving licence

Why choose Test Hunter to find driving test cancellations?

Covering all UK

Covering all UK

Our system hunts for test cancellations across all driving centres in the UK to get the place & date you prefer.

Auto booking

Auto booking

Test Hunter makes an automatic test reservation for you at the moment it becomes available. Just set up your preferred date range.

Multiple centres

Multiple centres

Increase your cancellation and passing chances - search in up to 5 test centres simultaneously.

Searching 24/7

Searching 24/7

We are hunting for your driving test booking change every 2 minutes to increase your chances of passing with the sooner dates.

Unlimited cancellations

Unlimited cancellations

Until you pass, get unlimited driving test cancellations bookings, notifications and appointments.

Notifications in an app

Notifications in an app

Be informed – get instant notification in an app about your cancellation & booking with our manual mode.

Email communication

Email communication

Our customer support will be in touch at every step, inform you and answer within 24 hours.

SMS notifications

SMS notifications

Whether you have the internet or not, receive instant SMS about your booking, just enable it in settings.

Driving test cancellations app features overview

What exactly is
Test Hunter cancellation service?

It's a service that gives you the early dates for your driving test. The most significant part is that the service takes away all of the hassles of booking or worrying about available slots from you. Everything is automatic; our system hunts for driving test cancellations across all UK test centres every 2 minutes to get the preferred location and date.

Why do you need Test Hunter for driving test cancellations?

Long waiting periods

Often in test centres, there is a long waiting list of people willing to take a driving test. Test Hunter is a smart strategy to get a much earlier test and not stress while waiting.


If you need to get a driving licence urgently for personal or professional reasons, cancellation service is a way to do it quicker.


If you're not comfortable with the place & date of the examination, it's always an option to make a cancellation for your preferred centres, dates & times.

Improving chances of passing

By taking the exam sooner, you have a higher chance of passing since your driving abilities are fresher, and had less time to forget what you have learned.

How does the driving test cancellation work in 4 steps?

1. Step One

A driving test cancellation happens when a previously booked time becomes vacant because of a student cancelling or postponing their test. Usually happens when the instructor is unavailable, the student is ill, or feels unprepared for the test.

2. Step Two

New earlier test dates may become available randomly as well. Due to increased examiner availability and other factors, test centres can offer batches of new test dates.

3. Step Three

When a student cancels their test or a testing centre publishes new dates, you can reschedule your currently booked test to any of these days.

4. Step Four

Here Test Hunter assists you in getting a cancellation and passing earlier. We notify and schedule you for one of these open tests, all you need to do is have an existing test booked.

How to find driving test Cancellations in 4 steps using Test Hunter app.

Frequently asked driving test cancellations questions

What is Test Hunter?

Test Hunter is a driving test cancellations app created to assist you in finding an earlier DVLA driving test and getting a cancellation in the first weeks.

How does Test Hunter work?

We scan the DVSA driving test appointments system every 2 minutes. If we find an available test slot that matches your preferences, we either send you a push notification or book a test automatically, depending on what plan you choose. We will keep looking for driving test cancellations until you pass the exam.

Who needs a Test Hunter?

Everyone who needs to pass the DVSA driving test as early as possible, without having to deal with difficulties finding dates and slots, endless website updates, and frustration when others take a free slot in minutes.

Do I need to have my test booked with DVSA in advance?

To use cancellation services, the applicant must first book the available driving test appointment, which should be done on the DVSA website. We can assist in rescheduling a test to a more convenient day and time.

Do I need to download the app?

Yes, for us to assist you with driving test cancellations, you must first download the app Driving Test Cancellations UK.

Can I receive driving test cancellations for multiple test centres?

Yes, our service finds slots at any DVSA driving test centre. You can choose up to 5 centres for us to search at simultaneously.

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