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What is Test Hunter?

Test Hunter is a driving test cancellations app created to assist you in finding an earlier DVLA driving test and getting a cancellation in the first weeks.

How does Test Hunter work?

We scan the DVSA driving test appointments system every 2 minutes. If we find an available test slot that matches your preferences, we either send you a push notification or book a test automatically, depending on what plan you choose. We will keep looking for driving test cancellations until you pass the exam.

Who needs a Test Hunter?

Everyone who needs to pass the DVSA driving test as early as possible, without having to deal with difficulties finding dates and slots, endless website updates, and frustration when others take a free slot in minutes.

Do I need to have my test booked with DVSA in advance?

To use cancellation services, the applicant must first book the available driving test appointment, which should be done on the DVSA website. We can assist in rescheduling a test to a more convenient day and time.

Do I need to download the app?

Yes, for us to assist you with driving test cancellations, you must first download the app Driving Test Cancellations UK.

Can I receive driving test cancellations for multiple test centres?

Yes, our service finds slots at any DVSA driving test centre. You can choose up to 5 centres for us to search at simultaneously.

I've failed my driving test, can I still use Test Hunter?

We will hunt for cancellations until you pass the exam. You must first re-book the test on the DVSA website, which is at least 10 working days away from the original test date, then re-login to the app to update your information, and we will begin looking.

How likely will I get an earlier date found automatically?

Test Hunter finds an earlier date for 98% of all our users, for most of them within the first examination week. We check the DVSA website every 2 minutes, so when there's a date that matches your preferences – will notify you instantly. It's important to expand your search preferences as much as possible.

How many times can I change the driving test?

Our service is available to you constantly. DVSA allows changing the appointment up to 6 times. If you need to make further modifications, you must cancel the test and schedule a new one. That one can be changed 6 times as well.

How does premium booking work?

With a free account, you can constantly get available test dates from the DVSA website without having to re-login. Premium account allows you to receive automated notifications when earlier dates are found and automated booking, check up to five test centres at once, select the days and hours of your test, and use a cloud-based notification and booking system.

What is the difference between manual and automatic booking?

Automatic booking: we book the driving test for you as soon as we find a date and time that matches your preferences. After that, you receive a notification with the new test details. At this point, Test Hunter stops looking for available slots. However, you can activate your order, so we will keep looking for earlier dates.
Manual booking: as soon as Test Hunter finds an earlier test date, we send you a notification with details. You will have about 10 minutes to decide if you want us to book that date and answer accordingly.

What is the best time to check for driving cancellations?

The best time to find and get a driving test cancellation is between 9 am and 11 am. There are more chances to find an available spot at the start of the day when learners intend on cancelling or rescheduling their driving tests.

If I accept a date offered, will I still be able to get earlier dates?

Absolutely. We pause the service by default once we schedule a test for you. You can activate it again on your account, and Test Hunter will continue to hunt for an earlier date based on your preferences.

I get ERROR 15 when I'm trying to access the DVSA website from the app.

It might happen because the DVSA website restricts some IP addresses, such as those that connect too often or are located outside the UK. You can reconnect to a different network and try again. It does not affect the fact that we are looking for dates for you if you have a subscription.

I'm getting more notifications via another similar app

An available test slot or a large number of notifications in one app does not guarantee that it was genuine. Often it happens to be a mistaken notice.

Not having any luck with app

The Test Hunter searches 24/7. Some users may receive a notification faster, as it all depends on how busy your chosen test centre is and the date range you choose.

There is an issue with my account.

If you suspect something is wrong with your account, please contact our support team via the contact form in the app.

The app has booked me a date that is not working for me.

We're looking for an earlier date for you according to your preferences. The app will not automatically book a test that hasn’t been selected.

Do I have to keep the app open to get a driving test cancellations?

There is no need to keep the app open. We have an operational cloud service even when the app is closed or your phone is switched off; you simply need to be signed in.

Why does my account keep pausing?

We are searching until we find a date that works for you. Typically the reasons for Test Hunter to stop the process of cancellation searching may be:
– The time for your initial test booking has expired.
– You have not scheduled your driving test with the DVLA.
If this is not one of these reasons, please contact us and we will review your case as soon as possible to determine what went wrong.

I cannot book a test in manual mode.

If you prefer to make a booking manually, we cannot guarantee that the test will still be available when you complete your booking via our app.

Can I book a driving test cancellation through the app?

Cancellations tend to get snatched up fast, so you'll need to spend a significant amount of time entering into the DVSA website to see whether suitable dates are available. Fortunately, Test Hunter is here to assist you and save time.

I would like to request a refund

All transactions and refunds are managed directly by Apple\Google Play.
You may use this form to request a refund:
App Store: https://reportaproblem.apple.com/
Google Play: https://support.google.com/googleplay/workflow/9813244?hl=en